Dependable Commercial & Farm Propane Delivery in Central CA

If you’re a business owner or farmer in the Central Valley area that’s looking for a propane delivery company you can count on, you found it! At Red Triangle Oil Company, we proudly supply our commercial and agricultural customers with safe, clean-burning propane gas to power their vehicles and equipment. Whether you need to fuel a few vehicles or an entire fleet, the team at Red Triangle is here to provide you with reliable propane delivery at a price that won’t break the bank.



Propane Delivery for Commercial Applications

When running a business, you have enough to worry about—don’t stress about your propane fuel supply. Red Triangle has years of experience providing expert commercial propane delivery to businesses in our Central CA service area. When it comes to powering your business, we have you covered with dependable propane delivery at a price that won’t break the bank. Here are some of the benefits that come with ordering your commercial propane from us:

  • Affordable propane prices that keep your budget on track
  • The ability to power a variety of equipment, such as space heaters, lawn care equipment, forklifts, and standby backup generators
  • Supporting the US economy with your domestically produced propane purchase

Propane Delivery for Your Farm

Running a Central California farm can be expensive if you’re not using the right energy solution. Propane has helped power countless farms and farm operations into success. From irrigation to crop drying, maintaining livestock, and everything in between, propane can power farm operations at a lower cost than other energy sources. Check out all these uses of propane in agriculture:

  • Running harvesters, mowers, and other farming equipment
  • Heating greenhouses and other indoor grow areas
  • Running anti-frost crop warming equipment
  • Heating poultry houses and livestock areas
  • Flame weeding and clearing fields
  • Powering irrigation engines
  • Running generators
  • Drying crops
  • And much more!

Ready to order propane for your farm from Red Triangle? We can’t wait to serve you.


Important Propane Safety Information

While propane is a safe and efficient fuel, it’s critical that you know how to properly use propane to help avoid an emergency. We highly recommend sharing the information on our Propane Safety page with everyone who works for your business and reviewing it regularly.