VP Gas Delivery & Warehouse Sales in Central CA

Red Triangle Oil Company is pleased to offer our customers in the Central Valley both delivery and warehouse sales of VP Gas. For nearly 50 years, VP Gas has been powering race winners and holds the distinction of fueling more race winners than any other brand around the world.  The experts at VP have designed more than 70 proprietary blends of leaded and unleaded race fuel for every application. Their racing fuels give you consistent quality you can count on, and our delivery service and warehouse sales are second to none.


VP Racing

  VP Racing Fuels C10 oil   VP Racing Fuels C14 oil

Why Choose VP Gas for Your Racing Fuel Needs?

VP Gas is recognized around the world as a better, more premium, and popular choice for small engines over other racing fuels—but what makes VP Gas so special? Here are just a few of the benefits that come with choosing VP Gas for your vehicle:

  • Burns more efficiently due to better vaporization
  • Offers more power than standard fuels
  • Longer lasting and safe for any car
  • Lower engine temperatures
  • Cleaner emissions
  • Greater reliability
  • Better overall performance

Want to order a delivery of VP Gas? All you have to do is reach out to Red Triangle now!


Professional Fuel Delivery & More in the Central Valley

Whether you need propane gas delivery, renewable diesel delivery, heating oil delivery, or another type of delivery such as lubricants for engines, Red Triangle is here for you! Our expert team understands all the attributes of the fuels we carry, as well as the ins and outs of our delivery service, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us today to become a customer or to place your fuel order right now!