What to Do If You Need a New Propane Company in Fresno, CA

Living in Fresno, CA, you have a selection of propane companies to choose from. Whether you’ve been with your propane company for 10 minutes or 10 years and need to find a new provider, we know change can be scary. But don’t worry. We at Red Triangle Oil Company are here to walk you through the steps to find your next best propane company in the area.

Suppose the time has come to change your residential propane company because your current propane company is no longer meeting your needs. You may be tempted to simply Google “propane company near me” and choose whatever comes up first. But unless you want to find yourself in an unfortunate situation with high prices, unfair contracts, and poor service—a company that leaves you in the same boat you were in before—there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a new propane company near Fresno, CA.

Top Considerations When Searching for a New Propane Company in Fresno, CA

Always Read the Reviews

Read the reviews from other customers, especially the longer ones. Reading the stories of other customers will help you get a better idea of how the technicians work with customers and how they prioritize customer service. You want a company that puts their customers first. Beyond that, you’ll likely also find out whether their deliveries are reliable and if their pricing is fair. At Red Triangle, we pride ourselves on providing a smooth propane delivery experience from start to finish.

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Look at Their Perks and Conveniences

You also want to switch to a propane company near you that offers convenience. There are several ways that propane companies can offer customers convenience, from online ordering to automatic delivery and more! Check out their website and see if they offer:

  • Online ordering – Order your propane online in a few clicks without having to take the time to make a call. Everyone has telephonophobia these days.
  • Automatic delivery – Enroll in convenient automatic delivery so you can stress less about your deliveries.
  • Emergency service – Have total peace of mind that someone is always around if there is an emergency.

Make Red Triangle Your New Propane Company

If you’re looking for reliable fuel delivery in the Central Valley of California, Red Triangle Oil Company is here for you. Become a Red Triangle Oil Company customer for dependable and affordable fuel and propane delivery you can count on. Contact us for a propane refill today!