Professional Heating Oil Delivery in Central California

Do you need heating oil delivery for your home or business in the Central Valley? You can count on Red Triangle Oil Company! We’ve been delivering fuel oil to our residential and commercial customers for years, and we proudly provide competitive pricing paired with top-notch service. In addition to bringing you the heating oil you need to heat your home or business, we also offer warehouse sales for farm and commercial needs. Get in touch with us today and schedule your next heating oil delivery!


Why Choose Heating Oil in Central CA?

There are many reasons to choose fuel oil to heat your Central Valley home:

  • Oil Heat Is Safe. Oil heat is a non-explosive fuel and is incredibly difficult to ignite, which means you don’t need to worry about the safety of your property. It will also produce visible warning signs like smoke or soot should your heating system malfunction.
  • Oil Heat Is Clean. Fuel oil burns 95% cleaner today than in 1970 thanks to advancements in technology. Plus, the fuel itself is much cleaner than in days past with the addition of biodiesel, making it a cleaner, greener, renewable energy source that’s low in emissions and great for the environment.
  • Oil Heat Is Dependable. Not only is oil heat the warmest fuel (with at least 40% more heat per unit than comparable fuels), it’s also here to stay. The introduction of biodiesel in home heating fuel means more domestic production, making it a fuel source you can count on for years to come.

Ready to order heating oil from Red Triangle? We can’t wait to bring you the fuel you need—reach out to us today!