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Red Triangle Oil is the Central Valley’s VP Racing Fuels Dealer since 2014.

We have a wide range of products in stock and specialty items can be ordered to meet your racing needs. Below are our most popular items that we keep in stock. Can’t find a specific fuel? Have questions about certain products? Give us a call or send us an email.

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VP110 (5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum)

Designed for normally aspirate engines with CRs up to 13: 1. With the highest motor octane of any 110 fuel on the market, VP110 offers more power and better detonation protection. Works well in 2-strokes. Spec fuel for DIRTcar Northeast, and Speed Truck Challenge.


C12 (5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum)

Best all around race fuel made, for engines with CRs below 15:1. In applications above 6500 RPMs, C12 offers significant gains in power and torque, as well as lower engine operating temperatures. One of the winningest fuels in racing history, including NHRA, AMA, DIRTcar, Modified Tour and many others. Spec fuel for DIRTcar Northeast.


U4.4 (5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum)

Designed for stock and modified 2- and 4- stroke applications, U4.4 offers better throttle response and is less sensitive to heat than pump gas, with horsepower gains up to 6%! Requires modest jetting changes, i.e., +2 main jets and +2 pilot jets at most. U4.4 passes AMA Pro/Am fuel rules and is perfect for CCS, WERA, AFM, NMA, WORCS, SCORE, Best in the Desert, club level racing and more.


T4 (5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum)

Unleaded and ethanol-free, T4 is a direct pour-in replacement for premium pump gas. Designed for stock or slightly modified 2 and 4-stroke bikes, quads, UTV s, SXSs and other off-road competition vehicles. T4 offers 2 to 3% more power and better throttle response across the entire RPM range.


M1 (5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum)

Meets NHRA/IHRA specification with a 99.95% minimum purity- the highest purity available in the U.S. With M1, engines run cooler and are less subject to corrosion. Recommended for all methanol-legal racing applications.


M5 (5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum)

The best performing methanol on the market. Upgraded combustion additives make 5-7% more power than standard methanol – with the same or better protection against detonation. M5′ s improved vaporization offers a wider acceptable range of air/fuel rations and tuning, while faster combustion speeds provide more consistent performance from run to run.   


VP Small Engine Fuels- 50:1 (8/32oz/case, 5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum)

Ethanol-free, provides easier, more dependable starts for chain saws, generators, blowers, trimmer and any other portable gas-powered equipment. *Street gas contains ethanol, which can absorb moisture and form deposits in carburetors and fuel systems, making equipment hard to staii and often requiring complete rebuilds. VP-SEF solves long-term storage problems, allowing easier starts even after equipment sits idle for many months. It saves money in the long run by avoiding the lost . time and expense of costly rebuilds.* “Ready to use” – just pour it in. No more measuring, no mixing, no mess.