Propane – Residential

We deliver propane to residential customers for use in propane operated household appliances. Please call us for a free estimate on tank set up & rentals. Please see our tank rental information.


Will Call Delivery

Will Call Delivery means that you, the customer, monitor your propane levels and call us when you’d like to order a propane delivery. There is a minimum order of 100 gallons for Will Call delivery. You may order a specific number of gallons or request a fill up. We advise that you order propane before your tank falls below 25% to ensure that you don’t run out of fuel.

Payment for Will Call deliveries may be handled by credit or by cash on delivery. For customers with a credit account, the delivery driver will leave a receipt under the tank lid or at your front door, if you are not home when he arrives. The amount of the sale will be applied to your account and will be due and payable the following month. A service charge of 2% monthly is applied to past due balances. For cash on delivery customers, you will pay the driver with cash or check following the delivery. Cash on delivery customer may also prepay by coming into our office to request your delivery. Driver will leave a receipt under the tank lid or at your front door.


Routed Delivery

Routed delivery means that your home will be placed on a route, and our driver will visit your home and top off you tank on a regular basis. This means you don’t have to worry about calling in fuel orders, or ever worry about running out of fuel. The driver will top off your tank and leave a receipt for the amount delivered.


Tank Access

Your propane tank must be accessible to our delivery driver.  This is especially true if you are a routed customer. If your tank is in your back yard or otherwise protected by a gate, the gate must be unlocked (or you must provide us with a key) prior to deliveries.  If you are a routed customer, you must provide us with a key to any locked gates protecting the tank. Dogs must be kept away from the tank area when you are expecting a delivery.  Even if your dog is friendly and has been introduced to your regular driver, if a different driver services your residence and is unsure of the dog, he will not make the delivery.


Propane Tank Rental for Residential Use

For residential propane tank rental, we suggest a tank size based on expected usage. Expected usage is based on the SIZE of your home, & the number of people who reside in your home that use propane (heater, water heater, clothes dryer, etc. ) and how much and how often you use them. The homes’s history of propane consumption is also considered (if that information exists/ is available).

As part of our tank lease, you agree to purchase propane only from RTOC. We do not permit other companies to fill our tanks.

Under the state fire code, a company may not deliver propane into a tank that belongs to another company.